Joe is the name, and your ideas are his game!

Joe started his designing career in 2003. He started with one of his longtime friends designing logos, graphics and building websites. As he grew and became a better designer he was hired by other companies in there marketing departments. He worked with clients such as T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Vonage, Chicagoland Signs, ConnectoGo Inc, Executive Advertising, Bic and many others creating graphics and content while building his skills. 

With being a musician audio recording and engineering become a regular addition with starting off in Garageband in 2009 and making his way to Logic Pro X in 2012 his been learning the ins and outs of audio ever since. Beginning his podcasting Journey in 2019 led to some new ways of how he distributed multimedia. This would include his transition into video editing as well. With his wealth of knowledge in podcast production, podcast editing, and audio recording he has made a way for himself branching off into new avenues.


He's dedicated to the quality of service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, pride, and personal spirit. He believes in challenging the status quo, in thinking differently, and outside the box. And may we dare to achieve more.